Zimmerman vs Ben Saddik 31-12-12

31 December 2012

Zimmerman comments on the game:

“Against my team buddy. I had a very weak start. To calm. I should have started with a high pase. But unfortunatelly i didn’t and he was able to surprise me.  I got 8 seconds two times. I started to late with building the game so he was able to gear up. Eventually I was able to floor him once.  The last 10 seconds of the game I was able to floor him again. He was able to grab me so that the refferee couldn’t see that he was dizzy. Because of the 4 matches this tournament we only had two rounds. I really feel like that i could have won if there was a third round… All things considered, Saddik was able to produce a very good game. That’s what made him win.”