Over Errol Zimmerman

About Errol Zimmerman


Errol ‘The Bonecrusher’ Zimmerman born on the 20th april 1986, in the Netherlands, is a martial artist from Curaçao.  His  kickbox style is Muay Thai. He currently lives in Breda, The Netherlands.

They say that a good fighter can’t be made, but is born like a fighter. In the case of Errol Zimmerman that is absolutely the case. By the time he was 15 years old he was already such a good fighter that he had to lie about his age to enter the adult competitions.

It soon became clear that The Bonecrusher could make some serious money as a professional fighter. He skipped school to travel and fight accros the world. This made him a very experienced fighter on a young age.

His nickname is The Bonecrusher. And that’s for a good reason. Zimmerman is by far one of the best power hitters in the field. He can end a fight with just one hit of his fists, knees or shins. Zimmerman can decide a game at any moment.